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Telepractice Speech and Language Services

For more detailed information, please visit the NETSLP website. For a listing of the growing amount of literature on the evidence, use and application of telepractice, please click here.

What is telepractice?
Telepractice is the general term that applies to incorporating technology and the Internet together for application in clinical and educational settings. A telepractice system typically consists of four components: 1) technology (hardware/software), 2) a high-speed Internet connection, 3) users and 4) policies and protocols. These telepractice services are utilized by schools that are impacted by the critical shortage of therapists, especially speech and language pathologists. Through this effective combination of technology, students have access to specialists who are able to communicate with school wide team members and facilitate generalization of goals, regardless of the specialist’s geographical location.

Why use telepractice?
Most schools face difficult problems in their special education programs, and the one that seems to be getting bigger is a shortage of therapists. As a school, it is your responsibility to provide services for the children that need them, but how can you do that if you don't have access to qualified therapists? Due to the difficulty schools are facing in recruiting therapists, students are either not being serviced, being serviced by less qualified personnel or being serviced by out-of-field professionals. This shortage has wide spread implications not only on student achievement and service quality, but the lack of access to certified experts impacts the internal professional collaboration within a school and influences the external relationships with the surrounding community. Until recently, there were not many options, but now through the use of technology, WorldTide can help schools address the shortage of therapists by facilitating a telepractice service delivery model.

Why WorldTide?
The idea of telepractice is not new, but the ability to effectively communicate and share essential student data using a secure method has been a hurdle. WorldTide addresses this issue by utilizing it's own secure custom documentation system that was designed specifically for collaboration and secure data sharing, whether in the same building, same city or across the country. When using WorldTide, administrators will have direct access to all student records without having to wait hours or days for a response from service providers.

In addition, telepractice with WorldTide allows districts the freedom to no longer have to recruit, screen, contract, train, and manage SLPs, pay transportation expenses, or worry about interruptions in therapy when SLPs are on leave or no longer with the district. WorldTide provides serivces, technical support and training for on and off site personnel on use of equipment, procedures and protocols which are essential for a successful program. 

What do you need?
A successful telepractice program requires a collaboration between WorldTide and participating schools. Being able to connect and work with a student is only one part of the process. A key component is having an on-site liason. This person can bring students from their class to the session, help get the computer started for a session, and just provide overall oversite. This is important to keep the flow of services smooth and uninterrupted.

For equipment, most schools should already have what is necessary for services:

  • Computer
  • High Speed Internet
  • Webcam w/microphone
  • Speakers

Still have questions, start today by calling us. We will start by asking some general questions, and if it is determined that telepractice is a good fit for you, we will get started right away. Call us today, you have nothing to lose.