WorldTide Inc.

Data Services

Our Background in Data Services?
WorldTide has been around since the late 90's. In the beginning we started helping businesses organize their data in the newest medium at the time, the Internet. We helped organize and display data to bring businesses to their customers in a way that had never been done before.

In these early days, data was static, you put it up and that was it. Effective for its time, but quickly businesses needed an easy way to bring up to date information to their visitors. Real-time product data, statistics and the like. This is when we started incorporating database driven data into websites, allowing businesses to manage their data in one place and have it available wherever they needed it.

It was around this time WorldTide moved into the education field, creating online data systems for special education. Figuring out what data was needed, how to best collect it, and then how to manage and utilize it once it was in the system. We have been doing this for the last decade, and over that time we have been presented with questions that made us realize, data is not a well understood arena. Businesses don't always even know what data they need to make informed decisions, or if they do, how to collect it and then break it down so it's useful. So we at WorldTide decided to expand our services and help businesses do just that.

What Does WorldTide Data Services Do?
WorldTide will sit down with you and discuss your business so we can understand your needs. There are three main stages you might be in:

  • You are unsure what data you need to collect to help your business.
  • You know what data is needed, but either don't know how, or lack the structure to collect it.
  • You already have your data, but now you need to sort, analyze and report on it to make effective use of the data.

No matter which one of these stages you are at, WorldTide can likely help. We will listen to your needs, ask questions, and come up with a plan. Whether you simply want an outline to work through yourself, or, if you want WorldTide to help, we can provide you with the information you need to move to the next step.

What Does it Cost? Answer: To Start With, Nothing!
Can we guarantee we can help you? No we can't. All businesses are different, and although we feel it's likely we'll be able to assist in some way, we won't know until we sit down and learn a bit about your business. For this reason, an initial consultation is always done at no charge. After the consultation, we will present you with an outline on how we think we can help your business, and what the associated costs will be. The costs at that point depend on your needs and vary too much to outline here, but ultimately the additional revenues and savings in time will far exceed any of these costs.

We feel the important thing is this, and this is a rule we have always lived by. Whether in life or business, if any decision has only positive or neutral possible outcomes, then the answer is always yes, give it a try. Think of it this way, if you ran a promotion where customers came in and you had them guess a number between 1 and 10. If they got it right, you gave them a free lunch, if they got it wrong, they received nothing. Would you expect customers to walk away, or take a guess? It's a no lose situation so of course they will take a guess. That is what we are offering, a no lose opportunity, but instead of a free lunch, your business can potentially benefit so much more!

So start today by calling us or sending an email to We will start by setting up a time to sit down and discuss your needs. Get in touch today, you have nothing to lose!