WorldTide Inc.

Program Development, Training and Consultation

Interested in telepractice but looking to create your own program? WorldTide provides schools and agencies with the training they need to get an applied telepractice program up and running. We also provide ongoing consultation to ensure program sustainable.

WorldTide provides schools and agencies with a three tiered training series that begins with an initial consultation to discuss your needs and to create a program plan. The Program Development Training is conducted prior to the start of an applied telepractice program.  During this training, basic clinical, operational/organizational, and technical considerations are addressed. Topics that are discussed during the Program Development Training include:

  • Overview, Impact and Evidence of Telepractice
  • Strategic Planning and Telepractice applications
  • Organizational Readiness & Project Management
  • Performing a Needs Assessment
  • Equipment, Material and Resources for Telepractice
  • The Implementation Team: On and Off Site
  • Security, Confidentiality, Legal and Ethical Considerations
  • Predictors of Success

We also offer a Program "Kick-Off" Training. This training  includes operational staff that will be involved in the applied telepractice services such as clinicians, specialists, site coordinators and technical support staff. The operational staff will be trained in the telepractice procedures, policies and skills required to maintain and support a program.  The staff members will also need to demonstrate the ability to operate the equipment, material and resources at the level required for their level. Topics that are covered in the Program "Kick-Off" Training include:  

  • Set-up Procedures
  • Roles and Responsibilities for Staff Members
  • Clinical Techniques and Considerations
  • Building Rapport
  • Referrals, Schedules and Following-Up
  • Lesson Plans and Organizing Material
  • Assessment and Screening Protocols
  • Cueing and Prompting
  • Behavior Management
  • Data Collection & Progress Monitoring
  • Managing Meetings and Administrative Responsibilities
  • Collaboration with Classroom/School Staff/Caregivers

Finally, WorldTide offers ongoing training is a series that supports staff who are implementing and or supporting services.  This training provides information and experience on specific skills that are required to perform job specific activities at adequate skill levels.  It is also an opportunity for the implementation team to stay abreast of new innovations, methods, or strategies.  It enables those involved with the project to use update technology or supplemental resources.  This training series guarantees that new staff members are appropriately skilled in a judicious and timely manner and that exiting staff and personnel have the opportunity to refresh their knowledge base and skills as well as address any areas of needed support.

  • Telepractice Technologies
  • Managing Organizational Change
  • Program Evaluation
  • Progress Monitoring
  • Regulatory Issues
  • IT and Technical Support

Once you and your personnel have been trained, we can be on hand for follow up consultation as much as is needed. Contact us today to learn how you can solve your shortage problems through the use of telepractice.